Unsurpassed Blow Molding Experience since 1988

Serving the Medical Device, Healthcare, Laboratory Diagnostics markets and beyond.

From product design support through packaging and warehousing, we are your complete solution for custom blow molding.

At Blow Molded Specialties, we can create a number of custom products, including:
Custom Bellows,
Custom Bottles and Containers,
Thin Wall Products,
and Unique Hollow Objects.

New to blow molding?

managementBlow molding is a very different process than the more common injection molding. Before you rush into a project, or choose a blow molding partner, get the facts.Check out our entertaining and helpful white paper: How to Avoid a Blow Molding Nightmare. Think of it as “Blow Molding For Dummies.”

Any questions, give us a call. We’ll explain blow molding, send you samples, give you a grand tour of the factory, and turn you into the blow molding expert you know you were born to be! The way we treat our prospects is a free sample of the way we treat our valued clients.

Happy Blow Molding!

Tom Boyd (aka “Captain Meticulous”)
President, Blow Molded Specialties